Mastering the Art of Gimp Bracelet Making: A Detailed Guide 1111


Gimp bracelets, also known as boondoggle or Scoubidou bracelets, are a popular craft project worldwide. Their unique and intricate designs, the sense of accomplishment they provide, and their fashionable presence all contribute to their popularity. So, how can you craft these pieces of precise and vibrant art? The following sections provide a step-by-step guide on mastering the art of creating gimp bracelets.

Origins of Gimp Bracelets

The history of gimp bracelets takes us back to the mid-20th century, when they were initially conceived as a camp project for children. The simplicity of the gimp bracelets’ crafting process, coupled with the opportunity they provide for creativity, quickly led to their widespread popularity. This popularity continues to this day, with many people adopting gimp bracelet making as a hobby.

Materials Required for Crafting a Gimp Bracelet

To craft a beautiful gimp bracelet, you require the following:

  1. Plastic lacing or Rexlace.
  2. Lobster clasp or plastic buckle.
  3. Scissors.

Plastic lacing is available in various colors, helping you make bracelets that are truly unique and vibrant. Lobster clasps or plastic buckles serve as secure and durable closures for your bracelet.

Designing a Basic Gimp Bracelet

The design of a gimp bracelet begins with choosing the colors of Rexlace. Using two different colors can provide your bracelet with an eye-catching contrast. Once you’ve chosen your colors, follow these steps:

  1. Cutting the Rexlace: Cut two equal lengths of your chosen Rexlace. The lengths should be three times the desired bracelet length.
  2. Starting the Stitch: Make a cross with colors A and B (A on top), with their ends aligned. Secure the center of the cross with a lobster clasp or plastic buckle.
  3. Creating the Knot: Form loops with the Rexlace and insert the ends through the opposite loop to create the knot.
  4. Tightening the Knot: Carefully pull the bracelet’s ends to tighten the knot, securing the Rexlace.

This forms the basic stitch of the gimp bracelet.

Advanced Gimp Bracelet Designs

Once you master the art of creating basic gimp bracelets, you can move to more intricate designs. These include the spiral staircase design, circle stitch bracelets, butterfly stitch bracelets, and many more. Each design requires unique stitching techniques while retaining the basic gimp bracelet crafting skill set.

Maintaining a Gimp Bracelet

Gimp bracelets, like other jewelry items, require care to retain their vibrant colors and ensure a long life. Simple steps like cleaning the bracelet with a mild detergent solution, storing it out of direct sunlight, and not wearing it while swimming can greatly extend the bracelet’s lifespan.


Gimp bracelet making is a fun and interesting craft project that can be adopted as a hobby. It brings out your creative side, lets you make unique designs, and provides a sense of accomplishment with every finished piece. So, why wait? Start today and explore the exciting world of gimp bracelet making!

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